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So I have this addiction and it’s to sugar.  Our ward Relief Society is currently participating in a health challenge and although I’m not a fan of such things, since I’m in the presidency I was asked to participate.  Part of this challenge is to not eat sugar for 6+ weeks.  I didn’t think I’d be able to do it, but turns out I’m more amazing than I thought :-).  And it’s been so crazy to me that since starting this little venture, I’ve been less hungry and don’t even crave sweets like I used to.
Of course I’m looking forward to being done with this.  I also have another passion:  baking.  I can’t wait to get back to baking, but I now know that I can bake differently, even more healthy.  I also think sweets are fine, just in moderation.  I’ve also seen the change in my kids.  They aren’t asking for sweets nearly as much and are thoroughly enjoying the sugar-free “treats” I’ve been making.
To keep up with this, we decided to hand out sugar-free Valentine’s at school.  And to keep me sane, I went ahead and finished them up early!
valentines{ Conner’s finger-light Valentine’s were not entirely finished at posting time }

Dave called me an over-achieving mom, but  I find great joy in doing creative projects like this so maybe I am, but at least I did it for my own enjoyment and not because I’m trying to impress anyone.


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