« big plans «

Also earlier this week, the kids started ice skating lessons.
Conner & Logan are in the same class and Audra has Kade in hers.
The first lesson went as well as could be expected.  Logan fell down lots, but jumped right back up.  Conner fell down less and really caught on quick.  Audra appeared to like it, but eventually got tired of falling down and wouldn’t stop crying.  I had to take her out early.  She was super excited for the next lesson, but it was all an act.  She started crying almost as soon as it started and wouldn’t stop.  We’ve had ourselves a little talk and fingers crossed that next week she’ll decide to enjoy herself.

The boys are loving it, especially Logan who has big plans to play hockey.  He knew learning to skate was the first step.  And with the Olympics now going, he’s decided that he wants to snowboard.  Can’t wait to see him go for it.  Love that that kid has big plans and gets excited about them!


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