« the skiier «

Last week, as a family we headed up to Brighton to eat dinner with Conner after his ski lesson and then watch him during his free ski time!

The last time I drove up to Brighton was almost 16 years ago when Dave and I spent the first few days for our honeymoon at a cabin.  How that much time has gone by is still mind-boggling.

So the kids thought it was the longest drive, but I was enjoying a trip down memory lane :-).  We enjoyed dinner together, but I could tell Conner was off during the meal; he hardly ate anything.  He finally admitted that he wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to ski, just wanted to come home.  I was a bit devastated, since we had drug everyone up there but was worried about him.  After a tiny bit of persuading on the part of his parents, Conner agreed to one run!  As Dave and I literally froze to death waiting for him, nothing could get in the way of our excitement at seeing him looking so natural soaring down the mountain!!

Today is his last lesson, but I’m sure not his last time skiing.  He really loves it!  I may even be tempted to brave the cold and join him on a few runs sometime.

{oh and after a super long nights sleep, he felt fine within 24 hours}


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