« the 4 days «

The kids just had a 4 day weekend.  If you were to ask Logan, he would tell you that they had 4 days off of school.  Don’t worry, Conner was super quick to correct him.  What are brothers for?

So, since we had a 4 day weekend we had to throw some fun in there!

 I took the kids to GetAir (a trampoline park) and we had the best time.  Two kids could jump in one area and the other two in another which meant I kinda had to stick around and watch Audra & Eli.  It was hilarious.  Eli was in absolute heaven.  He didn’t care if bigger kids came and jumped so hard it knocked him over, he would just laugh and get right back up.  Audra made friends with any and everyone!  She also loved burying herself in the foam blocks.

The boys were busy, busy . . . . playing dodgeball, doing tricks, and just being boys.

Everyone left with a huge smile!  And they were so grateful; they kept saying how much fun they had and thanking me, so I decided to continue the fun and we went out to lunch!  It’s hard to get out with the four of them with nap time and finding something everyone can do, so I was in hog heaven seeing them all having fun and being with them!

Too bad the fun couldn’t last . . . cleaning had to be done, so we spent the next day together cleaning the house from top to bottom.  They were probably happy to go back to school today :-)!


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