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Oh boy (or girl) do we have a situation…..

It seems that the majority of the population (including my own grandma) think that Eli is a girl.  It is very common for us to be out and hear “oh how fun to have 2 boys & 2 girls,” or “would SHE like a sticker,” or “what an adorable little girl,” or “I just love HER curls.”

We know he has curly hair, but he’s not the first boy in the world to have curly hair.  I dress him in very boy clothes and have even started combing his hair down – doesn’t last long, the curls always make their way back up.  Not sure what else to do – make a sign for him to wear :-).

We find it hilarious and love replying back to those unknowing folks: “actually it’s 3 boys and 1 girl,” “no, HE doesn’t need a sticker,” “thanks we think HE is pretty cute too,” and “yes HIS curls are so fun!”  Sometimes they realize their mistake, but usually they just go about their business.

We’re afraid it might be going to his head.  He loves, loves, loves to get his coat and put it on.  The other day I was holding Audra’s coat trying to get her out the door.  She was taking too long, so Eli rushed over and couldn’t wait to get her coat put on.  Even with that girly coat on, he looks all boy to me!



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