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It’s hard to believe it is already time for birthdays – for Dave & I.  Really snuck up on me this year.
I celebrated my bday on Sunday and today is my main man’s big day!!
Birthdays on Sunday really shouldn’t count.  It was just another day . . . another day of getting up early, getting ready for church, wrestling kids at church, doing my calling and going to my RS meeting.  Definitely didn’t get a break.  Dave and kids (and my family) did a great job of making me feel special.  I was especially impressed with my kids — they were so thoughtful, giving & loving to me that day.  And seriously that is all I needed on my day (although I would have enjoyed a day off).
We had plans of celebrating the day before, but instead attended our wards Ward Conference temple session.  Definitely worthwhile and I am so glad we went that route!

With one birthday down, it was time to move onto the next.  It is important to me that Dave feel special on his birthday and unfortunately no amount of work on my part could make up for the fact that a bigger problem decided to present itself.  It starts with water and ends with heater.  Yep, our water heater decided to die TODAY of all days!!  Luckily Dave was working from home.  I had heard a strange noise coming from the that direction while running in the morning but didn’t think anything of it until this afternoon I heard it again and decided to have Dave investigate. That is when we discovered our plans for the day would be quite a bit different than originally thought.
The silver lining in all of this is that Dave decided he wanted to replace it himself. He took the rest of the day off and spent it in the basement with our latest purchase.  We were able to throw a little celebrating in there — I made him fish for dinner (a VERY rare occasion around here) and we had some gifts for him to open so it was an OK day.

The water heater is just another “gift” in a long line of “gifts.” Or that’s what we’re calling them.  About a week and a half ago, our TV died.  We went a week without a TV (while Dave was out of town).  Our van began screaming at us everytime it was turned on, then the doorbell stopped working and now the water heater.  It’s kind of getting old, replacing these not-cheap items so we have decided to give them to ourselves for our birthdays :(.

Let’s just hope this little streak is over.  So fun being an adult (even on your birthday)……Also hoping this isn’t a sign of the year to come – we certainly haven’t started off well.  I think we’re just getting all the annoyances out of the way right off the bat.  This is Dave’s last year in his 30’s so hoping for a good one!!

Speaking of Dave and life.  I am eternally grateful that I get to share my life (this one and the next) with this amazing man.  This man who doesn’t let life get him down, who is a light in my life, who has given me 4 incredible children, who works SO hard, who wants to do things to make me happy, whose wisdom is unfounded and priceless, who continues to grow into even a better guy than I knew I was getting.  He is my greatest blessing!

Happy Birthday Davey!!


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