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Another project we’ve been talking about doing since we moved in is tiling a backsplash.  The stupid caulk around the existing 3 inch backsplash repelled paint, so when we painted right after moving in there was a silly line of caulk that you could see wasn’t painted.  Has always bugged me, but you know how life gets in the way.

Since we were painting again, we knew we would have to deal with the same problem.  Unless.  Unless we got rid of the backsplash all together!!!  Enter the amazing Dave!  He made it happen.  What we thought would only take a few hours over 2 days, ended up taking 2 full days (so many plugs to cut around).  I know it’s not how he wanted to spend his days off, but he loves me and knew I wanted it, so he did it and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!  What a difference a few days of remodeling can make.


And like I said, one project always leads to another . . . . . another one is in the works since the painters tape wasn’t very nice to our mantle.


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