• pre-Christmas 3 •

Day 2:
Bell Family Christmas Party

My Grandma Bell and aunt are good to continue holding this event.  Some years there’s a lot of us and sometimes not as many, but one thing remains a constant:  a visit from Santa! {AKA my uncle Eric who does this professionally and really makes a very cute and authentic Santa}

Eli has recently entered into a very clingy, mama-boy, and stranger-aware phase so I was 100% positive he would hate any and everything to do with Santa.  Boy was I wrong!!

Audra, on other hand, was counting down the minutes until we left to go to the party so she could see Santa!  She was one of the first to run up and say HELLO!

And Conner decided he was just too big for this sitting on Santa’s lap biz.  He’s growing up!

Logan had to make sure Santa knew all of his list, BUT forgot what was on his list.  So in desperation he ran around to find me so I could tell him what was on the list.
loganIt was nice to catch-up with cousins and spend time with family at Christmastime!


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