• pre-Christmas 1 •

Christmas has come and gone.  What?
What a blur.  What a crazy, busy month.  What a lot of anticipation from the children.
And now. it. is. over!

The few days before Christmas were fun-filled.  Join me on a countdown to Christmas . . . . all leading up to the big day.

Day 4:  Piano Guys!
My parents gift to us this year was this splendid, amazing, fun and incredible night out.  We got to bring along Conner (and MaKenna – the two oldest grandkids)!  It was a touch too long, but we loved every second of it.  Not only can they play music incredibly, they are also very entertaining and funny.  Conner was cracking up and had the greatest time!
We love these guys and watch their youTube videos all  the time, so seeing them live was the best!  And of course, Logan had a million questions for us — where did we sit, where did they basketball hoops go, what songs did they play, etc.?  He’s a big fan and we look forward to taking him in the future.



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