• and break •

As of 4:00 this afternoon when Dave walked in the door, our Christmas/Winter Break began!! The kids had their last day of school which included parties and a sing-along, Dave wrapped up his necessary work, and I made sure we were stocked up on groceries.  Bring on the next 2+ weeks of family fun and time together.  It think Conner said it best:  “I am so relaxed!  I love having nothing to worry about or do!”

Of course getting to this break has been a long time coming.  It has some of the craziest/busiest few weeks I can remember.  Some of the busyness has included:

• Audra’s adorable dance recital.  This was her third recital and she has come SO far.  She was by far the best dancer in her class.  I can say that because the girl to her right stood there and cried and the girl to the left pulled her skirt up to her armpits and played with the ribbon the whole dance 🙂  Entertaining for sure!
dance collage

• Logan lost his 2nd tooth.  It was actually pulled out by yours truly because he was afraid he was going to swallow it in his sandwich.

• Finished up neighbor, friend and teacher gifts!

• Pulled off yet another Ward Relief Society Holiday Dinner.  Despite being released from heading up those activities I still got to be involved because they have yet to replace me.  As a Relief Society Presidency we made it happen!! It was a VERY long day but it was very successful!
activity collage• A week later we attended the Ward Christmas Party.  The YM and YW were in charge which honestly made me a little nervous, but it was fantastic.  Good food:  pasta bar, and great entertainment:  a talent show!  The best part was watching my kids with their friends having a blast.

• We dug ourselves out of A LOT of snow and then did it again and then again :=(.  Of course the kids were in heaven!
And despite it all, I was still able to enjoy a LOVELY evening with my gal pals.  Delicious food, treats, presents and talk . . . doesn’t get better!
snow collage

• I finally officially became a doTerra consultant.  Not in it for the business, just to help me and my family be healthier.  I have LOTS to learn, but am very excited.  And I have had some willing guinea pigs who have been a bit under the weather – hoping this makes our Winter a little less sick.

• And finally we ended the week making our cookies for Santa while Dave is bundled up in bed deathly ill (he’s so sick that even he is willing to let me rub oils on his chest, and will drink any concoction I come up with)!!  Fingers crossed that he starts feeling better soon and it isn’t spread.  The kids were very creative and even made 4 very special cookies just for Santa . . . the rest are for them 🙂
cookie collage
Shopping, baking, meal-planning – DONE!  We have a few fun events to look forward to to help the time pass so fingers crossed!


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