• the welcome home •

Dave’s plane from Switzerland was scheduled to arrive on Saturday night around 7:30.  The kids and I had some dinner, then ran to Station Park to take care of some shopping.  Since that is not their favorite activity, I bribed them with a stop at the yogurt shop.  After our treat, we headed to the airport.  We were so excited to see Dave!  The kids got to play for a few minutes then it was off to bed.  Dave got unpacked and we settled in to “catch-up” on some of our TV shows.  Not longer after, Conner came running down the stairs announcing that Logan had just thrown up.  While we started that clean-up, I heard noises from Audra’s room.  Turns out they were not good noises – they were throw up noises.  Two kids within a few minutes of each other meant baths and a VERY large mess.  We got everyone settled back in their beds with new jammies, sheets and a bowl 🙂 and then began the real clean-up.  We’ll find out next Spring if throw up is a good fertilizer, because Dave literally took a hose to everything before we put them in the washer.
Welcome Home Dave!!!

I was SO grateful he was home and just in time :-).  Just in time for Conner to start in on the fun around midnight and then me during the night.  Seriously, it was horrible.  Dave had jet lag and he was forced to take care of the house, run the washer constantly, and of course nurse the four of us back to health.  It was a long, awful night & day!  So we’re not sure if this was food poisoning or what Eli had earlier in the week.  Kind of strange that it hit all of us within a few hours.  But it’s gone now.  The boys were able to go to school today and we are all feeling like eating.  So by Thursday we should be good to go!

I’m grateful for Dave every day, but was especially grateful for him this weekend.  Grateful to have him home.  Grateful that he works so hard for our family, but always puts family first.  Grateful that he is so wonderful to the children.  Grateful  that he jumps right in when something needs to be done (even if it involves constant throwing-up).  Grateful that he allowed me to rest so I could get back to being mom.  Grateful to have the very best husband ever!


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