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For years, probably since Dave become part of my family, we have had a running joke that Dave’s dream vacation destination is Switzerland.  Whenever we talk about where to go as a family, Dave suggests Switzerland.  He really enjoys the cold, but we are more of a beach vacation family.  I’ve been to Switzerland and I do remember it being amazingly beautiful.  It was also cold, even in July.  I figured at some point in our lives Dave and I would go there.

And that may still happen, but Dave is currently there.  He’s been working there this week and it has definitely been cold!!  So I guess it’s right up his alley.

We’ve been here doing life.  This week of single parenting actually hasn’t been too bad.  I definitely feel that I’ve been blessed with the necessary energy (either that or my thyroid meds are finally starting to help).  I feel like we have been protected.  I have really enjoyed the time I have been able to spend with the children.  Since I don’t have a “built-in babysitter” I haven’t been running errands at night so we’ve had fun reading books, trying new recipes, and just playing together.  This is not to say we haven’t totally and completely missed Dave and his presence in our home.  Especially for the two days Eli was throwing up . . . . just added to the stress of single-parenting.  But we survived, well until yesterday and the stupid wind storm.  Here’s what I (and 3 of my very awesome neighbors) got to deal with – aarrgghhhhhhh!  Yes, that’s MY trampoline in the middle of street after blowing right through my neighbors yard.  Super, super fun….


Besides the throw-up fest, Dave missed Conner’s school play, Logan discussing the realness of Santa Claus, and Audra’s many Aerial performances.  She can sing most of the songs a capella and even dressed up like a mermaid, then removed her fin and walked around without a voice for like half an hour.  She’s really obsessed!!

We can’t wait to have him home again.



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