• 1 week away •

Thanksgiving is in 1 week, but I got to spend the morning enjoying all things Thanksgiving at the elementary school.

First was Conner’s 5th grade class play on the first Thanksgiving.  Conner played Squanto the Indian who helped the pilgrims.  He had a lot of lines which he memorized and said perfectly.  He was really cute, and even though these productions his class puts on are a lot of work, they are very well done and good for the kids! I’m especially grateful for how it teaches them to be in front of others and builds their confidence.  We knew his teacher was going to require a lot of work and she definitely has, but I think it’s going to be worth it.

Since I was at the school I decided to stick around and help the Kindergarteners with their Thanksgiving Feast in the lunchroom.  Nothing like turkey, mashed potatoes and like at 10:30 am.  It was so fun to see Logan all dressed up and loving his time in the big kid lunchroom!!  They even had a special gluten-free meal for him so he was pretty excited.
Eli loved every second of being around the kids and now I’m all Thanksgivinged out!


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