• for the lastish time •

We were lucky enough to spend this past weekend in southern Utah wishing Nate’s family (Dave’s brother) farewell.  In just over a month they are moving to England while Nate pursues a PhD in Finance.  We knew we had to see them one last time and their TO-DO list was just too long to include a visit to us, so we went to them.  It was a wonderful jam-packed weekend.

But more importantly 🙂 was the ride down.  You see, it was record-breaking.  We arrived in 4 hours!  4 hours!!  That is unheard of with this family.  We did not make one stop on the way down.  Seriously a record!!  And the way home only required 1 quick stop.

As soon as we arrived we got to enjoy dinner with all the McNamees currently living down South . . . . and then we were able to Facetime with Mel & Duane.  It was very chaotic with all the cousins running around, but I’m pretty sure they were thrilled to see their family gathered in their home!  We also gave our children an experience of a lifetime:  dinner at Chuck-a-rama :-).  We have never taken our kids, but decided it would be a great memory for them as they got to go with their cousins.  We also celebrated Christmas early.  Each of the cousins drew names and then Tasha and I took them to pick out an appropriate gift.  Afterwards we let them open their gift and enjoy a little Christmas together.

The weekend went by too quickly and we are very sad that we will not be able to visit with their family regularly, but know they are headed out on an adventure.



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