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We recently had family pictures taken.  I decided it was time, because in our house we have a large picture gallery wall and there aren’t any pictures of Eli.  I’ve had several people who don’t know me or my family come in and comment that I have 3 kids.  I thought it was high time he make his presence known.  I also knew we couldn’t have picked a worse age in which to do pictures.  Turns out I was right.  Eli was relatively cooperative for the first 30 minutes and then he completely lost it and become absolutely ridiculous.  I knew he was hungry but couldn’t believe how out of control he was.  I still have my fingers crossed that we got a good family picture!!  I’m actually nervous to see them because there was a lot going on and a lot of kids to coordinate.  I saw a few of the individual kid pictures and they are incredible!!

As we were getting ready for the big photo shoot, Logan decided he needed to bring along his camera so he could take pictures of getting our picture taken.  This is him in the car on the way!  Love that silly kid!

car collage


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