• finally, ever after •

Eli joined our family 17 1/2 months ago and he has continually proven that he is nothing like his siblings.  That he is going to do things his own way and on HIS own time!  Seriously, since the moment he was born that has been his personality.  We waited and waited for him to be born, then he just up and decided it was time and a VERY short time later he was.  We waited and waited for him to figure out breastfeeding and then one day he just up and decided he was going to do it and did.  We waited and waited for him to sleep through the night and then . . . . I think you get the idea.  Basically, when he decides he’s ready to do something, he does it.  He has done everything earlier than his 3 predecessors, so we full on expected him to be walking awhile ago.  Conner was 20 months when he started walking, Logan 21 and Audra 19.  Yes, I sent all my kids to nursery not walking and I just didn’t want to do that again.

Turns out I don’t have to.  YAY!  Eli has been walking along furniture, walls, people, anything he can hang onto for weeks.  Whenever I tried to get him to walk with me, he refused.  I knew I was probably forcing a lot of anxious energy onto him, but I couldn’t help it I was very anxious for him to start walking and I knew he could do it.  On Halloween, with lots of coaching from my mom and Megan, he walked unassisted.  Unfortunately, he did not feel the need to do it much again.  I was disappointed, but knew he could do it and would when he decided he was ready.  Well, that day came this week!!  It was like a switch flipped and he just started walking and hasn’t stopped.

I’m not sure I can express the sheer joy (and relief) I feel at seeing him toddling along!  I am so proud of him and love his determined and stubborn personality.  I am beginning to understand a bit of the “youngest child” syndrome.  I never thought I would be sad seeing my youngest grow up, but turns out I am a little bit.  And then at the same time, I am happy that I don’t have to go through this waiting to walk scenario again.

While I’m speaking of Eli, my buddy, my morning cohort . . . . I decided to ditch Sunday School take Eli to a Nursery trial run last week.  Of course he loved every second of it.  My plan was to take him with me to Relief Society, but the Nursery Leader insisted he stay.  And so he did.  Dave checked on him several times and he was just having a grand old time.  I’m excited that he is old enough, because 3 hours with him (2 of which Dave cannot assist me) was getting really old.  And I’m not too worried about him since Audra will be in Nursery with him until January.  My baby is growing up, but he still insists on dragging his 2 favorites everywhere (his binky & mimi).


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