• candy day •

I almost think the kids were more excited about Halloween than Christmas this year.  Holy cow it was much-anticipated! Logan counted down daily and when the day arrived, you could feel the excitement in the air.  Luckily the day was spent with class parties so they didn’t have to focus too much.  And when the time arrived to finally dress up and head out, no one was complaining.

Conner and his posse had spent the entire week beforehand meeting together with ward maps planning their route.  Then they even took a stopwatch and walked their route to time it.  Yes, these were some committed little boys :-).  He had what I would call his first “real” Halloween experience.  He went trick or treating with just his friends and came home with like 8 pounds of candy.  Then of course they had their trading party, where they all met together and traded their candy.  That is what Halloween is all about.

Logan was definitely the most excited and had a great time!  The smile could not be wiped off his face all night.  He actually took Kade and Audra out by himself to just our inside loop and then they came back and got Dave to take them to A LOT more houses.  And he and Audra were thrilled to dump out all their candy and go through it!!

The kids loved the day, but it was made extra special to me because Eli STARTED WALKING!!!  It was our Halloween miracle and it made me so happy to see him doing something he’s been wanting to do for a while now.  He still prefers crawling to walking but we’re making progress.  Oh, and it’s important to note that Mom is always right: Dave and I made a little bet earlier in the Summer regarding when Eli would walk.  Dave said he’d be walking by the end of September.  I said it would be by Halloween and lookie there.

And someone was thinking when they arranged the school schedule this year so there wasn’t any school on November 1.  Holy cow did my kids have a Halloween hangover and it wasn’t pretty.  Lots of meltdowns and tantrums.  So, what did Dave and I do?  Got a babysitter and went out.  Poor girl :-)!  I am proud to say that once the sugar high wore off, the kids decided to switch their candy for some new legos.  Good-bye to all the garbage and hello to celebrating Thanksgiving!


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