• the place •

This past week has been busy, busy but it has been a week full of reminders that we live in a stellar place.  It’s no secret that Dave and I talk about and toy with the idea of moving, or staying, or moving.  I tell you it’s back and forth and there are many factors in this decision.  We could easily stay where we’re at a be perfectly happy, but continue to pray that we will be guided to know when/if we should move and where (close, far, etc.).  With that said, this last week I was content to stay due to several reasons:

• We had our Primary Program on Sunday.  It was so great that G&G Tanner could come.  Such a blessing to live close to family.  Megan and I now live 5 minutes apart, if we stay put her kids will go to the same school as mine.  And I’m about 8 minutes from Ali.  10 minutes from my parents.  I mean does it get better than that??  And on top of that, here is an email I received from the 1st Counselor in our Primary Presidency: I have to compliment you on your kids.  They knew their parts so well!  AND they looked up at the audience the whole time they were giving their parts.  I love it!!!!  They are the example to my kids!!!  Thank you!
How nice is that?  She told me this week after the program that she felt like they set the example to lots of kids who decided to memorize their parts because of my boys.

• I attended a Stake Auxiliary Training as part of my new calling (in the RS Presidency).  Honestly, that day was a horrible day.  I can’t remember the last time I had such a bad day and was in such a bad mood.  I DID NOT want to attend that meeting, but knew it was where I needed to be.  And it was!  I knew the Stake President was speaking to and for me.  He shared a story about a vigorous hike he took where he failed to bring enough water.  And then compared that to each of us attempting to carry our own water, when we just need to turn to the well of water – the Savior – who is always available to fill us.  I’m one of those who thinks I can do it all (ALL) on my own and when I get discouraged I never seem to remember that there is someone else there who can lift and carry my burden with/for me.  I’m slowly grasping this lesson but I was so grateful to hear this talk!

The 1st Counselor in the Stake RS Presidency (who is in our ward and who I strive to be like) talked about Mary and Martha.  We all know the story, but she pointed out something that I had never realized before.  Sometimes we have to be the Martha to allow others to have a Mary experience.  I am notoriously a Martha (don’t believe me, ask Dave, he’ll be VERY quick to agree).  I’m a very busy, busy beaver.  I manage to always have something to do and rarely slow down.  Her talk made me feel like it’s okay for me to be the Martha in this phase of my life as I provide Mary experiences for others in my life . . . . however, I am also VERY aware that I need my own Mary experiences and need to allow the time for those.  I need to let things in this world go, so I can focus on what is more important eternally.  As I think about it I wonder if the Savior were to come to my home if I would be more concerned with what condition my home was in, or what I was going to serve Him for dinner, or if I would let those things go and just absorb his presence.  I hope it would be the latter, but I do need to work on adjusting my patterns with my own family.  I needed these reminders!

• Last Friday was a day that Logan looked forward to all week.  In fact he slept in on Friday so when I went to wake him up he totally cracked me up.  I literally rubbed his back a little to wake him up, he rolled over and immediately said:  “today is going to be the best day because we have an assembly at school and then I have 2 Halloween parties.”  I guess he was even dreaming about what a great day it was going to be.  And it was.  During the school assembly with the Grizzlies, Logan got called up on the stage to try to block some pucks.  Then after school he did indeed have two Halloween parties to attend.  Two very ambitious moms in our neighborhood threw some pretty stinking awesome parties.  All afternoon, Conner, Logan and Audra were at parties!! I hope someday soon to be that kind of mom; just need a few more years on Eli and I think I’ll be ready.

• Oh and I can’t leave out that we live SO close to everything I need in my life: Target, H&M, Gap & Old Navy :-)! Plus I just love the opportunity I’ve had this Fall to run the many streets of Farmington.  They are beautiful and I feel safe. Which is awesome because my kids can just walk out the door and have friends readily available.

So for now, this is the place for us!


One thought on “• the place •

  1. i love that family picture at the top–beautiful! i hope that this is the place for you guys for a LONG time, but that just may be for my own selfish reasons 🙂 xoxo

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