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I had no idea that having a 5th grader was going to remind me how little I actually remember about those things I learned in school.  Well, in my defense I never saw anything wrong with just adding or multiplying or dividing . . . . now there are several ways to do that.  What?  Why?  If we all learned how to do it the traditional way, why reinvent the wheel?  It’s been tricky to help Conner with his homework.  I guess I’m not smarter than a 5th grader.

Jacques Cartier in 2013

Jacques Cartier in 2013

explorers collage

Conner had that same “I’m in pain, someone save me” look on his face the entire time! My cheeks hurt from grinning because I was hoping he would see me and mimic 🙂

For the last month we have learned all about the first European explorers.  Conner was assigned Jacques Cartier – a French explorer who explored the St. Lawrence River area/Montreal of Canada.  So Friday of last week found me in his classroom listening to his oral report.  It was awesome!  He memorized it because he wanted the extra points and I was very impressed.  He and I worked for a week on his report, his poster (which was the best one I saw) and his costume (which consisted of mostly my clothes – haha).  Then the following Monday, Dave and I attended the program his class put on about Magellan and all other explorers.  I knew having this particular 5th grade teacher was going to involved and heavy, but I hope I make it through the rest of the year.

It’ll be good to be reminded what else I don’t know :-)!


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