• abroad •

Dave has been in Bucharest, Romania for the third time in his life this last week.  The first time was on his mission; the second was last year for work and here we are once again for work.  I never really like when Dave is gone (ok, to be totally honest I don’t mind when he’s only gone for a two-three days, it’s nice to have a little alone time) and especially when he’s gone so far for so long.  It’s hard to coordinate making contact and it’s just far . . . . We’ve been keeping busy while he’s been gone, it’s been good.
We “listened” to Conference, as well as you can with 4 little kids and 1 adult.  The boys spent almost the whole two days building with Legos. And I was very impressed with Conner, who took Elder Hales challenge to heart and truly tried to listen and learn from each talk.
We were crafty and part of that required the boys to sort “worms” from acorns.  Gross, but necessary!
We spent time with family and celebrated Megan’s birthday.  We also drug out some old clothes my mom made for Casey and I and tried them on Audra and Kade.  Hahaha!!! Super cute, but way too much work to sew that kind of stuff today.  I don’t know how she did it.
We got two letters from the missionaries in New Zealand – one to Audra and one to Logan.  They were VERY excited to see something in the mail with their names on it.
Even more excited than getting the new ants for the ant farm.  We have all thoroughly enjoyed watching them constantly work, constantly.  They are digging tunnels everywhere.
On top of all that fun, has just been regular every day, mundane life and never getting a break; not sleeping well because Dave’s not here; and what feels like endless poopy diapers, whining and homework :-).  Can’t wait for Friday!


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