• our pet •

We are definitely a dog family.  There will be no cats, ever, around here.  Sorry to all you silly cat people.
I grew up with dogs.  Dave couldn’t due to his dad’s allergies, but he definitely wants one.
We plan to get one when we are done with all this little kid/baby business.

But . . . .

Maybe we won’t have to wait.  Turns out we have a little puppy of our own: Eli!

He plays fetch (with himself – he throws something, then crawls after it, gets it, throws it again, etc.)
He chases his tail (he literally crawls in a circle – it’s hilarious)
He growls when he doesn’t like something
He needs his poop cleaned up
He cleans up the kitchen floor crumbs
He plays in the toilet
He crawls around with his tongue hanging out
His impeccable ability to hear (this makes him more a zombie – think World War Z.  He can be content in his own world playing, but if he hears a noise that would mean there’s another person he’s outta there to find whoever it is)

He’s also the cutest darn pet around!


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