• 6 •

Logan is officially 6!  And we celebrated in style.  His day included:

puff pancakes for breakfast & lunch 🙂


pizza for dinner

sundaes (once again)


logan bowl
bowlingIt was a very busy day.  I got to go to Logan’s Kindergarten class first thing in the morning and tell them all about Logan, including that his favorite animal is a monkey, he loves to have me read Goosebumps to him and can’t wait to read on his own, he is always playing with cars and loves racing, he visited 4 states this Summer, and that he loves candy so he brought some to share!

Then I spent the day canning homemade marina sauce.  It was super labor intensive and I couldn’t wait to be done.  Unfortunately, I was so excited to be done I failed to add the necessary ingredient that maintains the ph balance, therefore making it shelf stable.  A whole days work down the drain.  I decided to freeze the jars and use them that way.

We had a great time bowling and celebrating Logan.  He loved it so much that before we even got to the bowling alley, he was talking about what he wants to do for his 7th birthday :-).  That kid is just like me, never appreciating the present just planning ahead! So till next year . . . . .


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