• girl time •

Every September, for the past 9 September’s (I believe), my friends from high school and I meet in Park City for a weekend of fun.  A weekend of no children or working.  A weekend of no schedules.  A weekend of lots of laughing and talking.  A weekend of unhealthy food.  A weekend of new and old games.  And a weekend of much needed girl time!

This year got off to a great start and then something very unfortunate happened.  Tawna’s brother was in a serious ATV accident and was life flighted to the hospital, so she left us in the middle of the night.  He’s doing better now, but it was very scary there for a while.  And our hearts were just hurting for Tawna.

We were able to continue the weekend and even threw in an adventure this year.   Four of us rode the zipline down the Olympic ski jump.  I was more nervous than I thought I would be, but am so glad I did it!

I am grateful for these women in my life.  I’m grateful for their words of wisdom and listening ears.  I’m grateful that we are comfortable enough with each other to share stresses, joys and just general life happenings!

I’m starting to feel my age as this weekend really wiped me out.  I swear it took me 2 days to recover . . . . but totally worth it!



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