• the L man •

It’s hard to believe that today is actually here.
Logan has been counting down to September 27th for about a month.
Because it’s his 6th birthday!
logan poster

Even years mean no friends party.  We celebrated with family on Sunday.  This year (thanks to “Full House”) Logan didn’t want a cake, he wanted ice cream sundaes.  He wanted the whipping cream and cherry on top, so that’s what he got.  We had his favorite rocky road ice cream and every topping you can imagine from hot fudge to gummy bears to m&ms to chocolate chips and sprinkles!  The cousins loved creating their own dessert and I was not complaining that I didn’t have to bake some sort of birthday cake!
Today we will do whatever Logan wants to do.  Which he’s declared is eating pizza and going bowling!

YAY for Logan!  He’s such a delight and we absolutely love having him in our family.  His laugh is infectious; he loves to have a good time; he is a superb helper; he is so excited to learn new things; and he is our all time favorite 6 year old!


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