• oh me, oh my •

This 16-month-old is going to be the end of me :-)!
I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it, but he is NOTHING like his siblings.

He continues to not talk, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t communicate.
Yip, I have a screamer!  He screams when he doesn’t get what he wants, he screams when something doesn’t go his way, he screams when a sibling is bugging him……

Oh and he also bites!  Not to be mean, just at very random times.  Ahhhhhh……I thought I had this parenting of toddlers figured out, but that has all been tossed to the side.  He is a unique child and I’m so grateful for him.  At a very early age we nicknamed him “smiley guy.”  And that has proven to be the perfect title.  He is SO smiley and makes everyone he comes in contact with smile!

He’s also very, very busy!  He will unload cupboards in no time and moves from making one mess to making another.  He’s curious and loves to be constantly doing, doing, doing.  I’m loving the one-on-one time we have during the week and I think he does too.  He seems more patient and seems to like the individual attention.  We have been going running together (pushing him in the stroller) and running errands and he smiles through the whole thing!



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