• good-bye •

I think Logan summed up today the best:

“Today I am happy because I have a birthday party to go to :-), and sad because Grandma and Grandpa are leaving.”  Sad indeed. But we knew this day was coming.  For over 6 months we have known about this day . . . still hard to believe it has come and gone.

Dave left on Thursday to run Red Rock Relay and is actually currently staying at his parents house, so that left the kids and I to make sure G&G got to the airport safe and sound.

The missionaries spent the morning packing and trying to not burst with excitement and anticipation!  After the nappers were taken care of and Logan off to a birthday party, it was time to load the car and head out.  The clouds even opened to blue sky and ceased to shower us with water – it was like a smile from heaven to the missionaries (however, the weather prior was quite appropriate – 59 and rainy – just as it is in New Zealand currently).

After lugging bags inside the airport and a short check-in, it was time.  Time to say good-bye.  I was determined to not be sad, but my sweet 10-year-old was so sad and when his tears started, so did mine.  I am SO, SO, SO glad Conner was with me and was able to have that individual experience.  I can only imagine what not seeing your grandparents for 2 years must feel like to the children.  I think as adults we understand the time and purpose, but 2 years must feel like an eternity to a 10, 5 and 3 year old.  Having said that, after all was said and done I was hit with how far New Zealand is and how long 2 years is.

Conner and I stayed and watched the grandparents go through security and then they were gone.

And we came home to what feels like an empty house.  The last 2 weeks were a true blessing!  Of course it is not ideal to have people in your house for a few weeks, but Mel and Duane were the perfect guests.  They made themselves right at home, which is exactly what I wanted and they even put up with our very chaotic little family.  I am so grateful we have a basement that is finished and ready for guests – it was their sanctuary :-).  And tonight as I headed down there to run, I was struck with how lonely it feels now.  I know my kids will remember the last 14 days.  They’ll remember playing Sleeping Queens; listening to G&G talk about the equipment they’ll be using; knowing Grandpa won’t hear any whining :-); learning about New Zealand; and the hugs, tickling and loves!

We’ve been blessed having them in our home.  We will continue to blessed as they serve the Lord.  What amazing people!  Can’t wait to hear all about the adventures coming their way.  And to see them in December 2014 (when Dave and I go) and then again August 2015 …….


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