• 2 weeks •

We’re here!
We’re getting used to the this school schedule.
We’re dealing with Summer being over.

And we’re on week 2 of having missionaries in our home!

G&G Mac fly out on Saturday to New Zealand.  We have been blessed and lucky enough to serve as their MTC housing.  Apparently, the MTC is bursting at the seams with the missionaries (I wonder why that is?? 🙂 ) and asked the Senior couples to find somewhere else to stay if possible.  Though we are certainly more than a hop, skip and a jump from the MTC, we have loved having them in our home as they prepare for their departure.  The kids get so excited to find out when they will be home!  And Dave and I have enjoyed the many conversations we have been able to have with the parents.  This is the most consecutive time we have spent together and it will be a treasured memory while they are away for 2 years.



One thought on “• 2 weeks •

  1. What a fun experience! Good luck to them! If they ever run into Sister Unsicker in New Zealand, she’s my neighbor! She’s in the same mission!

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