• stair climber •

Once there was a very busy baby boy!  He taught himself to climb up large flights of stairs at a very young age.  He would go up and up and up . . . all the way to the top.  But then he was stuck with no way to go down unless a willing volunteer came along to carry him down.  He lived in a house with lots of stairs and his mother could not wait for the day when he could bring himself back down.  She tired of the whining at the top of the stairs.  She tired of worrying about him falling down the stairs.  She tired of teaching him daily how to “turn around” and go down.  She began to think he would never, ever be able to go down by himself.

She was wrong!  One day that very busy baby boy decided it was important to him to be able to go down the stairs unassisted.  His family cheered him on and he also was thrilled that he mastered something new so quickly!

He now realized he could climb up a few stairs to where Daddy puts his piles of stuff and have some fun! And knows that the fun doesn’t have to stop at the top of the stairs.  Messes can be made everywhere!



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