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2013 has thus far been a great year!  Dave and I celebrated 15 years together.  Eli turned one, which meant we could spend a bit more time away from home together.  And we haven’t had any major stresses in our life.  For all this I feel tremendously blessed!

Dave and I have lots of fun together.  One of the things we love doing and have been doing for years is taking “selfies.”  For the record, we were taking them long before it became the cool thing to do for facebook and such.  I had fun looking through our selfies from this year and compiling them — great memories!

selfies 2013PS.  It’s kind of tricky to pull off these selfies since Dave is 10″ taller than me.  He’s always saying that I’m too short, but I think he’s the one with the height problem :-)!  I’d say he’s a pretty talented photographer as you can’t really tell he’s holding the camera.


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