• last & final stop •

At least that is what we hope . . . . in reality, it was the last and final stop for our family cumulatively.  There are still a few more stops for Dave and I.  

So our final stop of summer brought us once again to Hurricane.  We had a chance to go hear Grandma and Grandpa speak in church for their farewell.  And it was definitely worth attending!  Some amazing talks were given and a tremendous spirit was brought.  Part of that may have been due to Dave and Nate singing.

We decided we needed to make the visit worthwhile so we left Thursday so we could play, play, play (while Dave worked from his parents).  All the kids are in school down south, so we had the pool to ourselves and then we enjoyed a very fun splash pad with cousins and seeing “Planes.”  In between the splash pad and the movie, it became clear that Conner was not feeling well.  We decided to nix the sleepover with cousins that night and by the next morning, Logan was feeling pretty crummy as well.  It definitely put a kink in the weekend, but I was just praying they would be feeling better by Monday morning for school.  

We are all VERY relieved to know we don’t have to get in the car for a long road trip for quite some time.  For the fun of it, Dave and I did a little Summer math.  Here’s some numbers and figures for your enjoyment:

• Number of hours spent in the car driving during the month of August:  OVER 50
• Number of states visited as a family:  4 (Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming).  We’re hoping to make the list longer before the end of the year.
• Number of states visited by Dave & Amber:  6 (previous list and California & New York)
• Days spent away from home in August:  15
• Days spent away from home all Summer:  27

It was a busy, productive and exhausting summer.  We will definitely be taking it easy and slower next year, but I am so grateful for all the time we were able to spend as a family; as an extended family, especially as G&G Mac prepare to leave for 2 years; and for the trips Dave and I were able to take together.  We are a blessed family and are incited (that’s excited in Audra speak) to be together as a family at home doing school, playing with friends and enjoying our home!


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