• the friends •

I have to admit that the more children I have had, the harder it has become for me to be a good friend and maintain friendships.  I quickly learned that the most important role I have is Mother.  I have chosen to put that as my highest priority in this short time I have as a mother of young children.  I have had some wonderful friends come into my life and some leave my life and I think that is for a purpose.  I think we are introduced to certain people when we need them or vice versa.  I have always appreciated the bond of female friends and am currently very grateful for a dear friend I have.

I don’t think anyone could have imagined that we would end up friends.  You see, about 8 years ago we attempted to buy a house.  Our offer had been accepted and the ball was rolling along when it came to a screeching halt because the sellers received a slightly better offer and decided to take it.  Dave and I quickly got over it and moved on.  The catch:  this other house was in our ward boundaries.  So, maybe there was a bit of awkwardness as the new owners were introduced to us the ones they’d stolen the house from.  But honestly Dave and I felt no guile about it at all.  About a year and a half later we ended up moving into our current house which is just a few houses from that one.  I can’t really say how the friendship formed, but the wife and I ended up serving together in various callings and it became clear, very quickly, that we think the same, like the same things, and just have fun together.  I know now I never want to serve in a calling without her.  Crossing my fingers on that one.

Her youngest son and Conner are just a year apart and have the best time playing together.  They have officially turned this summer into Lego summer.  They spend almost everyday building Legos – it’s awesome!  And her oldest daughter is my kids most favorite babysitter.  Audra just worships Amanda!

Although most of our kids are not the same age, they always have fun together and I am grateful to have them in our lives!  They are so giving and thoughtful and our lives are blessed to know them.
We recently enjoyed a much needed night of dinner and fun as families and can’t wait to do it again.


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