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As has been previously mentioned, our Summer didn’t really start until July because of that infamous Youth Conference.  So, here it is August and our summer is in full swing.  Turns out we are having to cram a lot into this month.  In fact, I dare say we are going to be/have been gone more than we will be home.  Because of this, I can 100% guarantee I will be READY for school to start.

Our first stop in our month of traveling was to good old Hurricane, Utah (as Logan says . . . . he always says Hurricane, Utah, not just Hurricane).  Our one and only niece on the McNamee side turned 8 and was being baptized.  And are newest nephew was born just a few short weeks ago, so we had to meet him.

We make this drive a lot having lots of family down that direction, but this time offered something new.  I, yes me, drove the children – all 4 of them – all by myself.  The schedule sort of presented itself and it seemed silly not to take advantage of more time with family.  Dave’s dad was staying with us while attending a conference at the Y.  Dave headed out of town Wednesday and returned Friday.  The kids and I left Thursday and drove on down.  Dave and his dad followed Friday night.

I will admit, I was nervous about this 4+ hour drive with a 15 month old.  And we had a few moments, but overall it was hugely successful!!  Of course I couldn’t have done it without Conner.

The extra time we had turned out to be priceless.  Conner’s best little friend who moved out of state was actually in St. George and his parents were beyond thrilled to take Conner and Logan for the day to play with them.  We loved that Conner and friend were able to reconnect.  And that allowed Mel and I to also spend lots of time together.  We also went to the most amazing rec center ever!!! My kids are still talking about it and can’t wait to go back.  It was lots of fun times with cousins and friends.

The baptism was our main reason for going and it was such a wonderful event (even if I had to speak).  And that day grew more special as Mel and I attended the temple together for the first time since my own endowment.  I also had never been to the St. George temple.  And the cherry on top:  the new movie — AMAZING!!

A wonderful weekend indeed.  It had to end sometime though and we had that 4+ hour drive again.  I’ve been telling Dave for years that we need to make the drive down South and home more memorable.  We drive past lots of places that we wouldn’t normally.  Our trip home was our first take on that.  Since it was Sunday, we stopped at historic Cove Fort.  Loved hearing all about it, even if the kids were squirmy and tired.  Wonder where we’ll stop next time . . . .
cove fort


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