• 14 months •

It’s officially the last day of July —- and I feel I must end the month with a tribute to my little guy.
Eli is now 14 months, but slightly closer to 15 months. How? He still seems so babyish tome, which is fine. I don’t mind dragging out the sweet baby stage with my last little one! I feel like he deserves a blog post to himself. Afterall, he is the youngest and is usually just briefly mentioned in our life instead of playing a star role :-).

He has grown-up a lot in the last few months. He now has 6 teeth (the top four are just poking through). He is a speed demon crawler. I recently watched him crawl as fast as could be with a toy in one hand. It didn’t even slow him down, he just used his forearm to cruise along instead of his hand.
He pulls himself up to everything and walks along furniture; he’s pretty unstable but will walk behind a wheeled toy. Actually his favorite thing to walk behind is Audra’s rocking chair. It just slides along.
e collage

He says a few words: Uh-oh, Hi, and Ow. We’re working on that, but he’s definitely a bit delayed in his speech.

He loves, loves his binky and mimi. And must have them to sleep. For awhile there I thought he was outgrowing his morning nap, but he’s been continually taking two naps. It’s kind of getting in the way of our summer fun, but I know once school starts I’ll be glad.

He’s working hard on figuring out how to go down the stairs. Unfortunately, last week we fell down the entire flight of stairs onto the wood floor. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. I couldn’t breathe and was shaking like a leaf as I held him crying in my arms. He didn’t end up with even a bruise, but it scarred his mom for life.

He has decided he is just too big to have someone feed him, so we have had to get creative in figuring out what to give him that he can feed himself. And he is very opinionated, despite not using words. He’ll shake his head vigorously if he doesn’t want something. And then does the sweetest head nod if he’s enjoying something.

He may become a ball player, as he throws everything! Everything! And his other favorite game is dropping things, on purpose, and then saying “uh-oh.” Going grocery shopping with him is way too hard, as everything I give him just gets dropped on the ground. He thinks it’s hilarious; me and Conner don’t find it a bit amusing since we’re the picker-uppers.

He’s also discovered the dishwasher and it has become a favorite toy!


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