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Due to busy summer schedules, new houses (meg and ty), and life this year, there is no Tanner Family Vacation :(.

But, that doesn’t mean there can’t be fun and memories made.  One of my kids favorite things about Grandpa T is going fishing. So…..grandpa planned a family camping trip to Payson Lakes.  He grew up in Payson and has many, many memories of the area. I also remember going there quite a bit growing up so I was thrilled my kids could go and make their own memories.  They had the best time!  Everyone had so much fun, they considered staying an extra day.  Now that’s saying a lot for the non-camping Tanner family.  Eli and I sat out this trip — I just don’t think a year old and camping mix.

It was a successful weekend of memory making.
Some of the things I think the kids will remember are:

• our newest toy: a canoe

canoe collage

• fishing, fishing and more fishing.  Audra “caught the biggest fish in the world” (her words), but she really did have the biggest catch of the group.

fishing collage

• using the lake to take care of business

I’ll never forget the stinky, ornery kids and loads of laundry afterwards :)!


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