• getting summer on 2 •

Not only has Logan bloomed and learned how to swim, he’s learned how to ride his 2 wheel bike.  And not just ride it, but really, really ride it!  And be good at it and want to do it all the time!  That’s what summer is all about in my book.

And there’s my amazing oldest child, who came up with the idea of hooking the bike trailer to his bike so he could tow Audra and Eli around.  They look forward to Conner taking them for a spin and I love seeing how proud Conner is to be such an involved brother.

Audra has also gotten in on the fun.  We bought a tricycle for Conner when he was 2-3.  He never rode it.  We bought a tricycle for Logan when he was 3.  He never rode it.  We now have two tricycles that have never been ridden . . . until now!  Audra is the cutest little tricycle rider around.  It’s like a flashback of my own life.  We actually have a home movie of me when I was about 3 riding my blue tricycle down the sidewalk.  I remember that bike.  I remember pedalling as hard as I could and then lifting my feet and watching the pedals go around and around.  I remember standing on the back step and pushing it with my foot, sometimes with a friend sitting on the seat.  Now Audra does the exact same thing and I can’t stand it!  I love, love watching her. Makes me smile!!

Thank goodness for bikes and kids who are growing and learning!


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