• fireworks •

When will I ever learn?  I tend to tell the kids a bit too early about upcoming events . . . I just like to give them something to look forward to, but then it becomes the never-ending asking how many days? or how much longer? or when is it ….?

And so it was with the 24th.  As soon as the 4th of July was over, someone may have mentioned that we would be doing fireworks once again in a few weeks.  It was a long few weeks as the kids, mostly Audra, were excited to go to the park for the fireworks.

Tuesday was the big day!!! And it did not disappoint.  There was the delicious food!  (just ask Eli who found an abandoned cup of chocolate popcorn)


The entertaining family!!  Bless Ty and Dave for expending so much energy in the blazing heat, and dragging kids around on blankets.  My favorite part was seeing the kids all lined up awaiting their turn.

IMG_1776And of course, the most outstanding fireworks in the world!  Logan watched, but luckily he had grandma nearby to cover his ears for him (so his arms didn’t get tired).  Audra was somewhat delirious and spent the evening dancing around and yelling her thoughts on the fireworks (that’s the ladybugs one, that one is so super sparkly, I want to draw them all).  And sweet little Eli, who has been a bit more sensitive to loud sounds as of late, just layed there, not blinking, taking it all in (I was very surprised).


What a fun tradition that I looked forward to as a kid and now my own kids do the same!  I wonder how many years I have been attending?  I’m going to say at least 25 —- WOW!


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