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I’ve been home now for a day and I’m feeling it……
Feeling wiped out from spending 40 hours in New York with Dave.
Yes, 40 hours.  It was a whirlwind, and kind of like being in a movie . . . .
Dave was in Seattle Thursday & Friday.  He actually met me at the SLC airport after coming in from Seattle and we headed off together to the Big Apple.  We arrived at midnight Friday and you would have thought it was 4:00 in the afternoon.  Everyone was out and about :-).
We then spent two days walking, shopping, eating, walking, seeing stuff, walking, eating more, and walking even more.  It was REALLY fun!!! Both Dave and I have been to NY many times, so we didn’t need to do any of the touristy stuff.  We did go to the 9/11 Memorial and it was a sacred place.  I know everyone has their own opinion on the matter, but after being there, I tend to think the waterfall fountains were the perfect solution!
We also took a rowboat out on the lake in Central Park!
And we barely survived the heat and humidity!!  AAHHHH it was a sweatfest, but just the right amount of time.  It was a lot of flying for me in three days, but well worth it.  I was very sad to leave Dave behind and fly home alone.  I wish he was here even more now, because I’m exhausted and this single-parenting gig is tough stuff.  Just ask Ali, she very willingly agreed to care for the children this weekend.  Even with Eli getting 4 new teeth and all the other fun that comes with 4 busy kids.  We love her and are forever grateful for her sacrifice!!
I remember the first time I visited NYC.  I was hooked!!  I wanted to live there.  I loved everything about it.  I loved the energy, the people, the busyness.  I guess having 4 kids has brought out my boring side (and practical side).  I was so done with all the people.  The busyness was just obnoxious.  And I just missed my quiet, more predictable life.  I would like to take my kids there someday, but living there – no thanks!
Oh and I’ll take this 100 degree weather, over 95 degrees and 90% humidity any day (my hair does not know what to do with itself)!
ny collage


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