• summer break •

This last week was Adobe’s official Summer break, which means Dave had the week off!!  It has been kind of nice to come from Youth Conference to having NO schedule and playing as a family.

Dave and Conner started the week at Cub Scout Day Camp, or as Dave calls it:  Cub Scout Purgatory (100 degrees outside all day).

Then we headed off to a local water park as a family in an attempt to cool down from this record heat.  It was really fun.  We loved being together at a place that had something fun for everyone.

And then we got to celebrate the 4th with family!  Logan, once again, claimed that he was going to watch all the fireworks.  And he, once again, sat with his ears covered but he’s getting better every year.  Audra was very into the fireworks.  So much that she was very disappointed that our fireworks were not in the sky, like the neighbors :-).
4th collage

Friday we got to spend the evening with Gramma Mac and super Gramma!!  I’m so grateful my kids get to have these moments with their great-grandma, and their grandparents before they head off on their mission! And while we were playing a game, Audra and Eli found my iPhone and apparently had themselves a hay day with the camera:

Plus, Logan & Audra got to go flying with Dave.  It was Audra’s first time and depending on who she’s talking to she either had fun, or she didn’t :-).  I guess she was a little unsure about the decent.  She told Dave she felt like she was going to fall out.

It was a fun-filled, productive and quick week.  Now we are officially back to real Summer life —- swimming lessons, family vacations and bike-riding here we come!


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