• that’s more like it •

WOW, I had no idea posting that last post would be so liberating.  I felt like a normal person for a second.  A person who didn’t have a whole ton to worry about.  A person who could just spend their days as they wished without feeling stressed or guilty :-)!  It’s kind of addicting, so I think I’ll post another . . . .

Here’s a McNamee kiddo update.

Our sweet 13 month old, Eli is busy as ever.  He pulls himself up to everything, but even bigger than that, he figured out how to get himself down once he was standing.  He also greatly enjoys walking behind things.

Audra is 3, but it seems that her obnoxiously has toned down a bit (probably just jinxed myself).  She loves playing all things girls, like Barbies.  She carries her princesses, Barbies or babies around constantly.  She talks to them and takes care of them – putting them down for naps, feeding them, and doing their hair and makeup.  She has recently befriended the older girls in the neighborhood (the 7-9 year olds) and they are smitten with her.  She calls them her friends and does cheers with them!

Logan is constantly finding new items around the house to dress himself up!  Everyday it is something different, but it is always entertaining.  He is also our little daredevil — his latest endeavor is riding the plasma car down our “death driveway” (as we call it) and turning it onto the sidewalk, then cruising down the sidewalk till it stops.  Scares me every time, but he’s a pro!

Conner is at the age where I feel like it is time to really make him work.  He’s been very busy so far this summer.  He’s washed the windows with Dave, sprayed off the entire house, cleaned cars and the kitchen floor.  He’s also our in-house gardener.  He has taken charge of weeding the garden as well as the berries.  He picks strawberries daily and even spent hours pulling up all the morning-glory surrounding the raspberry bushes.  I’ve been impressed with him! And he and his friend have been obsessed with Legos!  They can spend all day coming up with creations – love it!!  He has been a trooper with regards to his teeth.  He got his bottom retainer put in a new band on his braces, which caused his teeth to be quite painful for almost a week.  He hardly complained and really enjoyed the smoothies I made him for almost every meal.

All the kids are in different stages, which can be tricky for me as a mom but I think we work well together.  As my stress level has been dramatically increased over the last month, they have done well to step up and be responsible and play together.  Of course we’ve had our moments.  Conner is forever a bugger and Logan loves the attention he gets by crying about it; Audra is a screamer if someone does something unacceptable to her and Eli’s favorite pastime is having me carry him around . . . . BUT that comes with the territory of young kids home all day together.  I think I’ll tolerate it better when I can breathe a little easier :-)!


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