• wheels •

After 3 weeks without a car, we have filled the space in the garage once more with a vehicle for Dave.
It was silly, really, to go that long but it all worked out.  His car sold and then we left on our trip and since he was looking for something so specific, it just took awhile.  Gratefully we were able to borrow my parents car for a few days and then Dave either worked from home, or rode his bike to the train station and then the train work.  It all worked out but was a bit more inconvenient.  Especially last week when one night Dave had to work late, missed the last train and ended up sleeping at the hotel across the street from his office :-)!

The kids loved letting their bikes and things spill over into the vacancy in the garage, but it was time to be a two-car home once again!  And we checked one more thing off our list.


Couldn’t have come at a better time.  Dave wanted me to come with him to test drive this car one more time before committing.  We met the girl and Dave took it out for a spin. The kids were in our car watching a movie.  The girl and I were standing there talking when I heard the loudest hissing noise, I turned around to find the noise was coming from our car and smoke was billowing out . . . . nice.  I was shocked as I had never heard such a noise coming from a car.  I turned it off and waited for Dave, afraid that we may now be a 0 car family.  Dave looked under the hood and couldn’t find anything, plus the car started and worked just fine.  We felt comfortable driving it home, where we did some googling and thought we came up with the problem.  Dave was able to take it in that afternoon to be fixed and sure enough, our diagnosis was correct.  Luckily it wasn’t anything too serious or expensive.
More humorous that it happened when it did.


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