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Dave and I just returned from 6 days in California.  Notice I said Dave and I and no one else.  This was our first time to leave 4 children and it was wonderful!  Mostly because G&G Mac agreed to come up the day after retiring to spend a week with our little tumpers. I was very worried about leaving a 1-year old with some food issues and a very stubborn 3-year-old, but it was all for not.  The grandparents had a great time, but the kids had an even better time!  They are still talking about it and secretly wishing we were still gone :-).  We are so thankful for our wonderful grandparents!!!

Dave and I also had a fabulous time in Huntington Beach, CA!  We stayed at a resort right on the beach and enjoyed the perfect weather.

We also spend two days in the happiest place on earth!  Without kids is the way to go.

We loved being together celebrating our 15th anniversary, loved not having a schedule, loved eating tons of delicious food (mostly Mexican – why is it so good in California?), loved running together, taking tons of “selfies” (close-up pix), and doing tons of deserved and needed shopping!!  As much as we missed the kiddos, it was easy to forget about them knowing they were in good hands.  It has been very hard coming back to “real life.”


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