• accomplishment •

This weekend was spent celebrating several great accomplishments.

Conner has been taking art lessons for about a year now.  A group of 4 boys from our neighborhood all go together once a week and they all love it.  I am continually amazed at what Conner comes home with and the skills he is learning.  He’s a great teacher as well; his friends will see what he’s done and then he’ll show them how to do it.  I attribute this to his awesome teacher.  She’s very good with kids and loves what she does.  Friday night she held an art show for all of her students.  We got to go see some of Conner’s pieces and many others.


Saturday morning, we woke up to torrential rain and chilly temps . . . . not the best weather scenario when you are headed out to cheer on a half marathon runner.  We bundled up, pulled out the ponchos and umbrellas and stood in the rain waiting for Ali to cross the finish line in her first ever race.  It was pretty awesome!  What to go Al!

And then after the rain stopped, of course, we were indoors for Conner’s first piano recital.  He’s doing really well with the piano and it was very cute to see how nervous he was.  He did fantastic!


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