• 15 •

Fifteen years ago at 11 am, Dave and I were sealed in the Bountiful Temple!
It definitely wasn’t in the 80’s, like it is today, but it was still a beautiful day!
And oh boy were we young, SO young!
I spent almost 2 hours pouring over pictures from the last 15 years in an attempt to find a picture of Dave and I together every year.  The first five years were simple because it was just the two of us.  Once we introduced children, it became increasingly difficult to find pictures of just the two of us. (Oh, and since we didn’t have a digital camera until 2003 I guess I haven’t scanned in any pictures of us together in 1999 so that is a no-show).

It was fun to think about our life together.  Also made me grateful to be in this stage of our marriage.  The first few years were not the favorite among Dave and I and I know we would both agree that we haven’t been happier than we are now!  It’s pretty easy to have a happy and successful marriage when Dave is involved.  He’s so caring, thoughtful, giving and fun!  We still have a great time together and look forward to our time together without children, which I think is very important.  If our marriage isn’t strong, then either is our family.  I can definitely say I am more in love with Dave now.  And I am really looking forward to watching our relationship grow and develop through teenagers, missionaries and grandchildren.  There’s no one I’d rather experience this life with.

15 yr collage


2 thoughts on “• 15 •

  1. Being with Amber is like photoshop for my character (no plug for my employer intended). She has all the right filters to make me a better person and to make me look much better than I actually am. So many of the good things that come out of our home are 100% because of her. From kids to cookies-the stuff she makes always turns out great. And, of course, she is so beautiful-I like watching her watch TV. I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful wife.

  2. Thank you David for falling in love with a girl I love to be around. Amber is a wonderful part of our family. Thank you Amber for being such a true companion for my son. You are so good for each other. It makes me happy and you know what happens when I’m happy….I cry.

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