• the big day •

Today is that wonderful day they refer to as Mother’s Day!  I’ve learned over the years, it’s just the day that all the kids are super ornery and church is the longest 3 hours ever!  If I was in charge, Mother’s Day would be on a Saturday.  That way dads could take the kids and I’d spend the day out and about —- away from the children :-)!

I am grateful for an opportunity to celebrate my mom and all the wonderful women in my life who are great examples to me of being a mother and just a righteous woman.  I feel like I am learning from women all the time and I love that.  I love that I can continue to grow and develop even while serving my children and family full-time.

I am also grateful we get to celebrate Eli’s 1st birthday today!  His birthday and Mother’s Day will likely fall on the same day quite often, but what a wonderful opportunity to celebrate my child on the day that we remember the role of women/mothers.

He definitely doesn’t seem like a 1-year-old.  Maybe because he’s my baby, but he seems younger and smaller than I remember the other kids being.  But he is such a delight!!  He keeps us all smiling and on our toes.  He is a speedy crawler, he now has two teeth on the bottom of his mouth, he sometimes waves good-bye, he will tell you if he doesn’t want something especially food by pushing it away or shaking his head, he will beg to be put down by nearly falling out of your arms if he sees something he wants, he now snuggles before being laid down to sleep (which I absolutely cherish), and loves to jibber and jabber all the time in different tones, but my favorite is his “stair song” as I call it.  He sings this little song when he’s climbing the big flight of stairs.

His birthday celebration is definitely the smallest thus far.  I guess I’ve learned, after 4 kids, that they don’t care it’s their birthday so why bother with all the fuss ??  The other kids are excited!


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