• baby, baby •

One year ago today, I woke up and knew it was baby day!
I could feel it in my bones and by late morning, I was feeling it other places as well.  I was right, baby was coming!
My amazing mother-in-law had been here for a few days playing the waiting game with us so she was nice enough to send Dave and I out to accomplish some errands.  What I remember was buying our new trampoline, and buying flowers and vegetables for the yard/garden.  All the while I was in labor.
By dinnertime, official labor had begun and I knew baby was on his way very shortly.
At a little after 8 that night, and after only 12 minutes in the hospital, Eli Tanner was born.
I got to spend last years Mother’s Day in the hospital and it was, quite frankly, the pits!!
I am looking forward to spending this Mother’s Day at home with my birthday boy, and other incredible children!

This year I was happy to not be in labor 🙂 and spending the day enjoying the baby animals with my kidlets.

Eli’s siblings are very excited to give him their gift we all worked on
{hand-painted woodblocks}


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