• the busy beaver •

One year ago we were greatly anticipating the arrival of our fourth baby!  Oh boy were we waiting.  We were sure it would be any day, but it sure felt like he was never going to come.

Not knowing when he was going to make his arrival may actually be less stressful than living with an extremely busy, and curious nearly 1-year-old.  I’ve said it before, but I have to say it again:  Eli takes the cake . . . he is not from the same gene pool as our other kids.  His physical abilities and progress are incredible!  He cannot be contained anywhere.  He has taught himself how to climb up any and all stairs.  We are tirelessly working on teaching him to go back down. He does not want to play with toys, only things he really shouldn’t.  He loves emptying cupboards and drawers.  eli mess

He no longer does the low-crawl, but he is now one speedy actual crawler!  He can’t be bothered with crawling around things, instead he just goes over.

He pulls himself up to everything and continues to amaze us.
And just in time for his FIRST birthday, he sprouted his FIRST tooth.  He loves rubbing his tongue on it.


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