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This absolutely crazy thing is happening around the McNamee household.  My boys recently discovered the show “Full House.” You know the show from the 90’s.  The very same show I loved growing up.  It was especially awesome because it is about the Tanner family, and I am a Tanner.  Anyway, the kids love it.  There was an episode on recently which featured the family going to Disney World.  They went to a show about Indiana Jones.
About an hour after the show was over, Logan was searching for something.  I asked what it was and he said he needed to find the Indiana Jones game for the 3DS.  He found it and played it for a few minutes and then brought it over to me and said, ‘I could dress up like Indiana Jones.  We have all this stuff.’

This is what he came up with, right down to the brown sandals!  What an absolutely creative and awesome kid.




One thought on “• indiana •

  1. We are loving Full House at our house too. It’s fun, entertaining, has a good message and is decent for all the kids to watch. We are venturing over to the Cosby show as well.

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