• swimmies •

The kids have been in swimming lessons for the last month or so.

Logan and Audra love it.  Conner hates it because his lessons are in the lap pool and it is freezing!

Our lessons are the last of the day, so that means we can stay and swim afterwards, which the kids love.  While Dave was gone I decided I’d get Eli in his swimming attire and let him play in the water during lessons.  To say he LOVED it would be an understatement!!  He couldn’t do his low crawl, so he was “real” crawling everywhere, splashing and smiling at everyone and everything!  Once the kids got done, they loved playing with him.  It was very fun as a mom to watch all my kids playing together in the water and loving it.  Eli loved it so much that he rubbed the tops of his feet raw.  I felt so bad, am glad he loves the water!


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