• uh-oh •

Uhm, Houston, or London, we have a problem.  I was on the phone with Dave, who is in London, when our latest problem occurred . . . . Eli crawled up onto the coffee table and sat himself down!

I realize to most this sounds like normal 11 month old behavior, but to us this is very, very NOT normal.  We are continually scratching our heads wondering where our little Eli came from.  How could our fourth child be so incredibly different from the other 3?  He’s keeping us on our toes. As Dave said, “you are going to have to watch him all the time!”

One of our all time favorite things he does is: strike a pose.  He’ll be crawling along and then casually roll over in this fashion.  I have tried for weeks and months on end to capture it, but he always moves on before I can get a picture.  One day I went in to get him out of bed and found him in position.  Luckily I carry my phone with me so I grabbed it and finally captured our little super model.


Also, we are on like day 1,000,000 of Dave being gone.  Okay, like day 5 but it feels longer.  We are trying to keep in touch as much as we can, but with a 7 hour time difference it’s a bit challenging.
Yesterday at the same time I was at a local farm with Logan’s preschool, Dave was at the production “Billy Elliott.”  Which just happens  to star our good friends son!  It was so awesome that his night to be Billy Elliott fell on a night Dave could go.  Our friend/his mom arranged to get Dave the best seat in the house!  Dave raved about the show and was even more impressed with this 12 year old boy from Bountiful, UT wondering how so much talent could fit inside such a small kid??? Wish I could be there with him . . . . .


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