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{This post is for Dave, who has been waiting patiently to see details}

Not sure how Conner got so lucky as to get to celebrate his birthday for 3 days.

Friday with our family.

Sunday with the extended family.  He got more presents and his birthday cake!  You would never believe that cake took me 6 hours and the whole time I kept thinking how I just wanted to chuck it.  I was doing it while single-parenting, but still it is horrendous.  Conner didn’t care so that’s all that matters!  Grandma & Grandpa wrote a lovely ditty to Conner and he loved his second day of celebrating.  He is loved by so many ….. what a lucky guy!
10 bday IMG_1287

And even though all the excitement was over, we had to at least acknowledge the actual birthday, so just a small celebration sans Dave!  His favorite breakfast:  waffles.  Then I got to go into his classroom and we brought along a clever treat:  a bag of bookworms, since Conner is such an avid reader.


It was fun to listen to the questions his classmates asked him and then his answer.
“If you had a million dollars, what would you buy?”
“What’s your favorite airplane?”
A B-2 bomber (I think)
“What’s your favorite football or baseball team?”
He froze, so I told them that he’s not much of a sports guy but does love flying! (Are you detecting a theme here???)

After school and piano, we were lucky enough to go out to dinner with Meg, Ty, Kade, Ali, Josh and us!
We’ve loved celebrating Conner, but I think it’s time to move on!


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